Major Security Concern ! – What if the mobile front camera is ON without our knowledge ??

Nowadays I am thinking too much on the security concern related to the overuse of mobile phones on our personal spaces. This makes me think of the scenario if our mobile camera is ON without our knowledge ! Yes this is a serious concern. We need to make sure that our privacy and private spaces is protected and cannot compromise on it at any cost !  I had gone a little bit more in searching the web about my little concern and it seems to be a stupid thing I worry about ! Here on Quora I can see a lot of threads stating that there is only a little chance for my concern to actually take place.

As said on Quora

” In order for someone to access the camera, there needs to be some software on the phone that would send the camera image out. Basically, there is no such software that anyone could somehow remotely fool into sending to someone without the phone’s user knowing about it.

But there are things like Skype and Facetime… couldn’t someone just get on the phone and start one of these up tricking it into connecting to the “hacker”? Not really, just on TV shows. “

What worries me the most ?

As I can see a lots of threads stating my worries is not a bid deal, still it has been in my mind and I am trying to figure out a solution for the same.

As I heard that the NSA as well as other state run surveillance agencies almost certainly have this ability. Also the most vulnerable ones are Android as compared to iOS. A lot of options are there in Quora which states:

If you want to stay secure in the future, here are a couple things you can do.

  1. Get an iPhone. Yes they are expensive, but they are considered widely more secure (partially due to Apple’s intensive App Store screening process).
  2. Buy a faraday bag, or leave your phone outside of the room. A faraday bag blocks all signals coming in and out of the phone, preventing remote surveillance.
  3. If you can, remove the battery when you need to. This will prevent surveillance via your phone—turning it off is not enough.

My proposal to the threat that I see in near future.

My idea is pretty simple ! Whenever the camera is on, especially the front the notification light should also be in ON state. Through this we can know whenever the camera is ON with or without our knowledge ! The light will be in ON until the camera access is there. We need to force the companies to achieve this goal.

How can it be implemented ?

Simple ! The changes to be done on the hardware itself, not via software as it can be hacked. The changes should be done on the circuit board so as to turn ON the notification light when even a current is flown to the camera module. This is just my proposal for the concern that I see about privacy. I am not mush aware about this but what I thought and found is being said here.

On a conclusion…

As I said this is just my worries and the solution that I made just by thinking. I know its not a big deal, but as you know we are constantly using our phone and is really addicted to it ( or I am actually ). So a small hack is needed to safeguard our privacy to live in this digital insecure world. privacy is as important as security ! so it should be taught on higher note.

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